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DELL Alienware M15x Battery all-laptopbattery.com

The real hook here is its performance. The Chromebook 15’s fifth-gen Intel Celeron processor easily breezes through Chrome OS, loading web pages quickly and powering through handfuls of tabs with aplomb. It also gets more than 9 hours of battery life on average, which is great even by Chromebook standards. If you’re looking for a Chromebook that’s better suited for getting things done, this is the one to buy. In response to the growing popularity of Chromebooks, various laptop makers have started churning out $200ish Windows machines that run on similarly modest specs. Now, because they use the same full-on OS available on $1,000 notebooks, these devices aren’t nearly as responsive as their Google-bred alternatives. They usually have to cut corners on hardware to hit their price point, too. At the same time, they do run a full-on OS, so they have access to desktop apps like Word, Excel, or anything else you’d use outside of a web browser. (Just don’t expect to get heavy Photoshop editing out of their entry-level processors.) The idea is to sacrifice some speed and build quality in exchange for greater offline capability. In the best cases, all of this makes for a decent secondary or travel-centric device. They’re like modern netbooks.

As of this writing, the Lenovo Ideapad 100s is the best of those best cases. Like any other ultra-budget notebook, it’s not strong — its modest Intel Atom chip and 2GB of RAM can’t handle too many open apps or tabs at once, and gaming is just about impossible. It only has 32GB of storage, its keyboard flexes, and it doesn't support 802.11ac WiFi. Its trackpad is strangely devoid of all multi-touch support, too. It’s a $180 laptop, in other words.Still, when used in moderation, the Ideapad is surprisingly fluid next to its peers. Word and the like are perfectly agreeable, and there’s never too much lag once everything’s up and loaded. The keyboard is well-sized and comfortable outside of that flexing problem, and the 11.6-inch 1366x768 TN display is accurate enough for the money. It’s all good enough to get lighter stuff done. It also comes pre-packaged with a free year of Office 365 and 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage. What really sells the Ideapad is its build and battery life. It’s plastic, but it’s colorful, smooth, and sturdy, with a flexible hinge that helps mitigate the display’s iffy viewing angles. It doesn’t explicitly look cheap. The battery, meanwhile, lasts an excellent 10-11 hours per charge.

Don’t expect this — or the HP Stream 11, or the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook — to act as your primary device, but if you’re frequently on the move or you only have $200 to spend, the Ideapad 100s should serve you well. It’s worth noting that there’s a 14-inch model, too, but we don’t think it’s worth sacrificing portability for something this underpowered.If you're sitting at your desk, you might've forgotten that today is Columbus Day. But just because you don't have the day off doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the holiday's sales. To simplify your shopping, we compiled a list of over 50 deals and discounts to take advantage of today.Through October 25, you can take advantage of Allen Edmonds' Rediscover America sale and get up to $150 off some of the company's best-selling styles, including the Park Avenue pictured here. Whether you need a new pair of dress shoes for the office or a more casual pair for weekends, there's something hre for every guy.A comfortable mattress is essential to a good night's sleep, and Leesa makes one of the best online options. Today, you can save $75 on any size mattress and receive a complimentary $25 Target gift card when you enter the code "FALL100" at checkout.

Leesa mattresses are available in the following sizes: twin ($525), twin XL ($625), full ($790), queen ($890), king ($990), California king ($990). You never know when you'll need to juice up your phone, which is precisely why you should have a portable charger on hand at all times. Aukey's claims its 20,000mAh external battery can fully charge a iPhone 7 6.5 times, plus it's slim enough to fit into your backpack or laptop bag when idle. As a bonus, you can get it for $28 with the promo code "A2CHARGE." Anyone who wants to pick up a new skill without spending hundreds should have a look at Udemy's latest sale. Through October 12, you can enroll in thousands of courses for $15 each when you enter the code "OCT1UDEMY15" at checkout. Here are a few classes that might pique your interest:Timex is known for ites offering of great watches at affordable prices, and you can save even more today. Simply enter the code "BONVOYAGE" at checkout to take 25% off tons of watches and receive free ground shipping. Whether you're looking to pick up a polished leather chronograph for work or a casual, canvas option for weekends, this sale has you covered.

If you're in need of a new weekend bag for your next business trip or mini vacation, have a look at this water-resistant carry-on from Filson. Not only does the bag have ample room to house all your travel essentials, its handsome, rugged look makes it the perfect bag for any destination. Buying a laptop is a game of variables. There's no one device that's right for everyone, and the number of circumstances that determine which one might suit you can feel endless. "What laptop should I buy?" is more or less the tech equivalent of "Why are we here?" — it's a question we never stop asking.We’ve done our best to tell you which notebooks (and budget notebooks) come the closest to being universally commendable, but today we’re taking a step back to help you learn how to navigate this tricky investment. Below we’ll dig into what mindset you should have when it comes time to shop, what those lengthy spec sheets mean, and how to find the best value for your needs. If you’ve been dreading your forthcoming upgrade, these tips should help clear the confusion.

This is the most important thing to keep in mind throughout the laptop buying process. You’re not looking for “the perfect laptop,” because that doesn’t exist. Instead, you’re looking for the right laptop for you, one that’ll let you do what you need without testing your patience or breaking your budget. Or at least, one that finds a good balance between the two. Specs will always change, but if you’re realistic about what you’re actually going to do with your machine, you’ll quickly recognize what signposts to watch out for. You’ll also understand how much it costs to get what you want.Let’s say you travel regularly, for instance. For that, you probably want a smaller notebook, with either an 11- or 13-inch display, depending on your comfort level. The latter tends to be the sweet spot for most.It should be relatively slim, light, and altogether easy to stash in a bag — but not so obsessed with compactness that it enfeebles the device (especially with regard to battery life), crunches up the trackpad, or removes more give from the keyboard than you’re comfortable with. The Dell XPS 13 fits the bill here.

You won’t get anything super compact and super strong without paying a premium here, but if you only frequent Chrome, Word, Netflix, and other common apps anyways, sacrificing a little power is more than okay.Alternatively, if you need more of a workhorse on the go, you could run with a dedicated “business laptop.” They’re bigger, and they’re often pricey for the power they pack, but they’re supremely durable, and they’re loaded with all the ports and connectivity options a heavy-duty professional could want. They might even have one of those old school pointing sticks.Among those, we like the 14-inch Lenovo ThinkPad T450s, which has a fantastic keyboard and is at least manageably thin for what it is.Maybe your notebook won’t be leaving the home beyond every now and then, and you’re more interested in treating it like an all-purpose entertainment center. In that case, you’ll likely be okay trading away some portability for a larger 15-inch display.

A good screen is the priority here. You should hold out for a panel that’s at least 1080p, with serviceable colors, brightness, and viewing angles on top of that. Loading up on storage is also a good idea, provided you don’t get all your movies and TV shows from streaming services. Maybe you need an optical drive, too. Battery life, on the other hand, becomes less important. This Acer Aspire E5-574G has its flaws (and no disc drive), but looks like a solid budget pick with all this in mind.That usually comes in the form of 8 or more GB of RAM and a higher-end Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. Again, portability and battery life will take a backseat, and more storage helps. These sort of devices don’t come cheap, but Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display has long been a favorite.Those titanic 17- or 18-inch machines, meanwhile, only make sense if you want to do the kind of high-end productivity mentioned above on a bigger display, or you want an out-and-out gaming laptop.

The latter has always been a bit controversial as a concept — something like the Alienware 17 can run the latest AAA games with aplomb, but, aside from having even more dramatic size- and battery-related deficiencies, its shelf life isn’t as long as just building a custom desktop rig. It costs more, too. But if you need at least some portability from such a brawny device, it could work. Just keep an eye on this market, since it's slowly moving toward a greater sense of accessibility.On the exact opposite end of the spectrum are netbooks and other cloud-centric Windows machines. Yes, the little guys are still around. Today, devices like the 11-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 100s put out full Windows 10 for less than $200. They’re never strong, and most have some significant design flaw — the Ideapad’s trackpad doesn’t do multitouch, for instance — but they may appeal to those in search of a lightweight email and web browsing machine that can also run desktop apps in a pinch.Of course, if you’re only browsing the web, and you’re not beholden to the clamshell form factor, you may just be better off with a tablet. There are more than a few affordable options worth considering.All that said, most people will be after something well-rounded. Upper-midrange Ultrabooks work well here: A quality option like the Asus Zenbook UX305 isn’t “the best” in one particular area, but for $750 it rolls a slim build, nice display, and strong enough performance into a package that’ll be smooth for most occasions.

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