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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 Battery all-laptopbattery.com

The Aero 15X is meant for gaming and it feels that way when you first open it, starting with the all-black aluminum chassis. But when juxtaposed against the two other laptops, it becomes apparent the Aero 15X is the better system for productivity.The touchpad is a bit small for a laptop this size, unfortunately with Synaptics drivers in place of Precision ones, making it incompatible with a lot of Windows 10’s gestures. Moving up to the keyboard, which includes a numpad and decent travel, takes some getting used to. I prefer the Zephyrus’ softer keys for gaming, but the Aero 15X has more tactile feedback, which I prefer when writing out longer documents.

THANKFULLY, YOU CAN CONTROL THE FANS VIA THE INCLUDED SMARTMANAGER 3 APP — THE CONTROL CENTER FOR FEATURES LIKE X-RITE, THE FANS, AND POWER MANAGEMENT The Zephyrus has aggressive gaming branding, while the Digital Storm lacks character, but the Gigabyte’s lies somewhere in the middle. The brand name lights up on the lid and there is an RGB backlit keyboard, but it never shouts out how powerful it is — until the fans kick in.Thankfully, you can control the fans via the included SmartManager 3 app — the control center for features like X-Rite, the fans, and power management. Based on specs, I wouldn’t have guessed the Aero 15X’s Max Q GTX 1070 would produce such a different experience compared to the full-sized GTX 1070 in the Asus, but I was proven otherwise. Rainbow Six: Siege did not hit the display’s native refresh rate (or get close to a hundred fps, in many cases), instead sticking around 65–80 fps when on very high settings, and just barely reaching 60 fps on ultra graphics settings.

League of Legends should be an easy game to run at max settings for a system of this caliber. The Aero kept it smoothly running at 144 fps, with max settings, and plenty of action on-screen. Games like Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and others will run just as well, mostly due to the optimizations by their respective developers.Overall, the Aero 15X will be able to play most games smoothly at high to very high settings. But I wouldn’t rely on a Max Q chip to max out every graphics-intensive title, because it can’t do that and hit the sort of frame rates that really make use of the new 144Hz displays in laptops.HOWEVER, 3.5 TO FOUR HOURS OF BALANCED POWER USAGE IS STILL NOTHING COMPARED TO THE AVERAGE THIN AND LIGHT PRODUCTIVITY LAPTOP Battery life on the Aero 15X is slightly better than what I got on the Asus and the Digital Storm, with Chrome browsing and the Slack app running in the background.

However, 3.5 to four hours of balanced power usage is still nothing compared to the average thin and light productivity laptop.Of these three machines, Digital Storm’s Equinox 15 is the lightest, but that doesn’t come without compromise. The upper left portion of the keyboard runs uncomfortably hot once you start gaming or watching video. Press firmly on the keyboard and it flexes. Lift up the display lid from the corners and it flexes. Then there’s the hideous silver plastic bar at the back, which ruins an otherwise decent looking all-black chassis.The keys are clicky and take some getting used to, but at least are RGB backlit and programmable for macros. While the touchpad is also Synaptics-based like the Gigabyte’s, it’s not as good. The left and right-click keys depress softly and are huge slabs of plastic; they feel antiquated.

Similar to the Asus and Gigabyte, the Equinox can hold its own while playing Direct X 12 titles, like Arma III. High settings at the native 1080p resolution were playable at 90–110 fps while in an aerial dogfight.Once again, the poorly optimized PUBG will work with ultra settings, but at lower frames of around 60–90 fps. League of Legends will run at 144 frames without a hiccup, with other optimized titles like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive following suit.What more could you possibly need? A feasible battery, for one. On Windows 10’s balanced power profile, I couldn’t watch videos for more than two hours when I was wasting time at an airport. That also makes it impractical for productivity use on the go.Like the other laptops here, the Digital Storm has a 144Hz matte display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, with a slower 5-millisecond response time. It’s the least vibrant, dimmest, and has the worst (thickest) bezels of the three.

Playing the same games on the other two displays was an entirely different experience on the Digital Storm. Some sort of color coverage (the Asus) or display calibration (the Gigabyte) is very important, it turns out.The Digital Storm may be the cheapest and the lightest of these three, but it’s at a clear disadvantage compared to the others.The state of gaming laptops currently has never been better, with systems capable of desktop-level graphics and processor performance, slim footprints, and great screens. These three gaming laptops can play plenty of current and upcoming games, but there’s still work to be done so battery life goes beyond three hours.THESE THREE GAMING LAPTOPS CAN PLAY PLENTY OF CURRENT AND UPCOMING GAMES, BUT THERE’S STILL WORK TO BE DONE SO BATTERY LIFE GOES BEYOND THREE HOURS The Gigabyte Aero 15X is a far less impressive laptop, but better at productivity, has better battery life, plenty of port options, and has a great display. The Digital Storm is the most cost-efficient, but with the lowest build quality of the three, it struggles to show off its best merits. The issues regarding heat dissipation on the palm rest and a flimsy, bland screen will bother you the longer you live with it.

Between these three systems, buy the Asus. It may not be the most conventional or convenient laptop due to its cooling system, but it offers the best desktop-level gaming performance — and experience — for your laptop dollars. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Our laptops must eventually return to the great assembly line in the sky. (Or, if you're responsible, you recycle it). But this week, reader oscarandmutley is trying to keep their machine going. The reader wrote that after using their machine for 10 minutes, it turns off. So the question is: After seven years, do they need a new laptop?Probably. Seven years is a long time for a notebook, and there's newer, better technology out there. Displays are better, CPUs are more powerful, and, heck, you're probably a few operating systems out of date.

But OK, you like your current one, so let's take it to its logical extreme. In theory, you may be able to replace the battery, especially on a laptop that's 7 years old. While more and more laptop vendors are making it increasingly difficult to replace parts, older and larger machines often make it easy to swap out parts.Oscarandmutley didn't tell us which laptop they currently own, so we can't tell them if their battery is replaceable. While third-party companies might sell batteries, I'd recommend finding one from the laptop's company, if you can. Some vendors sell parts online – both HP and Dell have battery stores, for example. If you can’t find yours online, you can also try calling the company to see if they sell it.

Some machines also come with maintenance manuals, and if they do, be sure to follow it to the letter. Even though you probably don't have a warranty 7 years later, you still don't want to break anything (or hurt yourself). Chances are you're going to need a couple of screwdrivers to get into your laptop, but it's cheaper and less wasteful than getting a new computer.Seven years is a long time. Oscarandmutley also asked if a desktop would be better suited for them. But without knowing what they use the machine for, I'd say that's only the case if they never want to take their computer with them anywhere.Dealing with battery life and maintenance is a reality of our tech-obsessed world. Everyone wants something that can keep up with their device, and most people agree that it's not fair for a battery to wear out sooner than the rest of the hardware. Just look at what's happening with Apple and their #iPhoneSlow fiasco.

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